People are so scared to lose they don’t even try

-Kanye West (via glitthery)

No act of kindness, no matter how small is ever wasted. (via thedailypozitive)

I wonder
who’s arms would I run and fall into
if I were drunk
in a room with everyone
I have ever loved

-I saw a comment underneath this once, reading “furthermore, i wonder who would still catch me” (via meggordon)
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Don’t let the mixed signals fool you. Indecision is a decision.

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based on a true story 

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You only missed my voice
when nobody else called you.

-Y.Z, A ten word story on being a second choice (via rustyvoices)


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I shiver, thinking how easy it is to be totally wrong about people, to see one tiny part of them and confuse it for the whole.

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